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L4D Server Issue
Hoping someone can help. Have L4D server setup. At random times during chapter changes, our server will lose connection and give the error "Retrying Connection To Server". Very rare if it re-establishes connection, but mostly disconnects after 30 seconds. I have tried numerous different installs of L4D, numerous different rate setups. I've verified all ports are forwarded properly and know for certain it's not a firewall related issue. Has anyone else had this problem or know a way to fix it? Much appreciation to helpful suggestions!
Anyone have any ideas on this?
I've had the same problem. Are you hosting at home?
realchamp Wrote:I've had the same problem. Are you hosting at home?

No the server is in a colocation facility
Make sure you don't have any lost packets.
That was one of the first things I checked over a span of a week. No packet loss has been seen.

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