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GUI or console
im jus wondering... which do u use and what advantages have u found with eather... or do u run srcds as a windows service and what advantages...

feel free 2 include con's for any of the above...

i currently run my server in GUI but i use the bat file 2 boost srcds cpu priority 2 high... i have used the console but i like 2 use the GUI interface so i can jus log in on remote desktop and not have 2 be ingame 2 see whats going on...Big Grin
I dont like GUI as it only offers settings to edit that I have in my server.cfg file. I like console as it as a more "server" like look and takes up less memory
when u run a smaller server on limited amount of bandwidth is the memory useage that big of a loss useing gui??? running idle it uses 66Mb and full it uses probly 150Mb.. grant it my server can only host 7 people so i see where that can be a differance running a 32 man server or a css server that run's bot's... by this post im jus trying 2 get a better idea of how other admin's run there server and there thoughts on srcds...

<edit> i have changed my server over 2 console 2 see the differance in memory useage and it now uses 55Mb.. there isn't that much of a differance but once agian i can see where that would make a differance running a larger server....
Me personally, I think console is much more functional as you are limited on gui as to what you can do with the server.

Or this is just my brief experience with it anyway.
Console- as a GSP requiring that servers can be restarted on request and after a crash the console boots straight into a map but the GUI looks for the user to click OK.
As i never really need to see the console this is an advantage for me. Gaming Servers
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i have been useing console of late cauw of gui askin u to click ok to start... i have had several power outages @ my house and the server can reboot it's self and load srcds better and more efficent this way
Is there any truth in the fact that you can host more people on GUI server due to it requiring less upload per player?
console will run faster and give you more fps also plugins have problems when running gui for me i have mani and it doesnt really work with gui. go console its better

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