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srcds_run line 352 30290 Segmentation fault
Im getting this message when i join my server in the SSH

./srcds_run: line 352: 30290 Segmentation fault (core dumped) $HL_CMD
Add "-debug" to the ./srcds_run command line to generate a debug.log to help with solving this problem
Mon Aug 24 00:10:48 MSD 2009: Server restart in 10 seconds

im not sure where the debug log is but i know its on..

the command i use is...
screen ./srcds_run -console -game dod +map dod_donner +maxplayers 32 +ip AAA.BB.CC.DDD -port 27015 -autoupdate -pingboost 1 -tickrate 66 -debug -pidfile

this happens when ever some one joins.. i have run the ./steam -command update -game dods -dir dods -verify_all

and is says its up to date,

I'm running on F7 core ZEN VPS unmetered server 8 core intel with 1024 memory granted and a another 1024 boosted on excessive use.
Its really bad to use a vps for a server..... also disable sourcemod.
[Image: b_350x20_C002748-004880-FFFFFF-000000.png]
./steam -command update -game dods -verify_all
[Image: b_350x20_C002748-004880-FFFFFF-000000.png]
Thank you for the help it looks like EventScript is the problem

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