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Why is my MOTD just black?
Here is the HTML insite the motd.txt file.

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "">
<title>Cstrike MOTD</title>
<style type="text/css">
pre     {
body    {
a    {
        text-decoration:    underline;
a:link  {
    color:  #FFFFFF;
a:visited   {
    color:  #FFFFFF;
a:active    {
    color:  #FFFFFF;
a:hover {
    color:  #FFFFFF;
    text-decoration:    underline;
<body scroll="yes">
<font size="5" color="green">Welcome</font><br>
These are the rules you've accepted. If they are not being followed, you will be punished with a kick or in worst the senario you will be banned.<br>
If you feel you've been insulted by an administrator or felt abused please contact the head admin on Steam or goto<br>
Create a user and post the right place and you will be listned to and understood. Please feel free to post improvements you'd like to see and why.<br>
And or stuff you do not like. The head administrator can be contacted on Steam: <b>realchamp74</b><br>

These are our rules and our restricted administrators have agreed to follow these in any situation.<br>

<font color="red">§1.0: Cheating</font><br>
Cheating is NOT allowed whoever you think you are. There will be NO unbanned if you've have been cought.<br>
You can always protest and claim you haven't used cheats. We will add ALL bans from ALL our servers to the SourceBans system.<br>
You can check it out here - you can also sumbit a ban, if you've seen a cheater and recorded a demo.<br>
Plus the most importan think is their STEAMID's. And secondly a demo. If you've these, we'll ban the person immediately.<br>

<font color="red">§1.1: Admins</font><br>
You might find out of we are few admins on the servers. But regardless of whatever you know, we're more active than you are.<br>
We usually go in under fakenicks. And do NOT at the given time seek new administrators. But you may post an application on our forums.<br>
We WILL give you a feedback and set you in line if you are approachable. And if you are very over quallified you will get a chance of becoming one.<br>

<font color="red">§1.2: Servers</font><br>
We own some few servers. And they are hosted by the head admin. We do have problems with the pings when there is a bunch of people on our servers.<br>
We're working on getting a better internet connection, but I don't want to pay more than I do now. Feel free to ask me about server or if you need help.<br>

<font color="red">§1.3: General behaviour</font><br>
You are not allowed at any given time to claim you are an administrator, if you are not. This will result in a longer terme ban.<br>
You are not allowed to be childly in our servers. We want mature peoples. Please do NOT use your microphone for talking to friends.<br>
Use it ONLY when it is critical.<br>

<font color="red">That was it.</font><br>
Thanks for reading our rules. You are always welcome to our servers, even 5am in the morning.<br>

- realchamp.

Here is a link to see it through a browser...

- realchamp.
Just make it all in one image... I don't like the html coding in game
[Image: b_350x20_C002748-004880-FFFFFF-000000.png]
Okay. I will go do Painting Toungue
I find that if it is to long or big the motd wont appear
helio Wrote:I find that if it is to long or big the motd wont appear

I will try to do it with some few text and then add more and more intill it dissappears.
So i was messing with your motd and if you just put the url in the motd.txt it shows up but for some reason it isnt scrolling for me,
helio Wrote:So i was messing with your motd and if you just put the url in the motd.txt it shows up but for some reason it isnt scrolling for me,

So into the <pre>?
i replaced everything with just he url

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Appartently it gives me the standard MOTD when I use that.
you can just make in you motd.. nothing infront.. just the link that should work..
[Image: 598429334.png]

need help ? ask someone else !
Thats what i did nymand94
helio Wrote:Thats what i did nymand94

That's what I did too, but I don't see that page? I just have the standard.

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