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Running a server from a website? [Resolved]
I was just wondering if I could run my server from a web url, like I have a really fast web host, and I never use it, so is this possible? If so, how?
It will not run on your webhost, but you will use the DNS and ip.

It is possible. (I had it with my ventrilo server)
So I upload all the files to the FTP, right? Then I run SRCDS from my computer, but it uses the website's bandwidth rather than mine?
Configure server on your computer. Upload it to the server (ftp). Don't know how to start the server. Connect to the webserver with ssh, telnet or remote desktop would help. But when the server is up you will be able to use the url to connect to the server:
connect in console
Won't let me upload .dll files, so that's a no-go.
You don't need to upload any files.
You need to add a new A record to your dns, usually hosted by your web hoster, tell them to add an A host record to the dns to your server ip.
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You can NOT run a game server off of a web host.
What you can do is re-direct a URL to your home IP address. It will still use your home computer and bandwidth. The only difference is that people can connect via "MYSERVER.COM" instead of the IP address.
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I think he is confusing fast downloadurl and SRCDS properties. Mooga is right, you CAN'T run a server off your host, but you can have people connecting download models, sounds, and other things off your webhost. However, once they are connected, they will use your PC's bandwidth 100%.

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