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Mani Admin Plugin Update!
This is a hotfix update!

    Major Bugfixes:
  • Fixed Mani Admin Plugin to work with the latest TF2/DOD:S update - fixed by Keeper (and by SourceMM crew and others)
  • Fixed a crash in Orange Box VSP - fixed by Keeper
  • Fixed a bug causing Mani to crash on Windows (Cs:S Listenserver &
  • Dedicated Server Tool) -fixed by Keeper & Mani
  • Fixed Valve Bug closing the menu all 4 seconds in Orange Box Games - fixed by Fuxx
  • Update the SMM versions to use the SourceMM 1.7 release - fixed by Keeper & Fuxx
  • Fixed ma_showrestrict crashing servers if run through console -fixed by Mani
  • Fixed buy_weapon awp etc. exploit to circumvent the weapon restriction managment - fixed by fuxx
  • Fixed the "unconnected" setinfo name "" exploit - fixed by Keeper
  • Fixed fire sound still being played even though the fire event already ended - fixed by Keeper

    New features:
  • Added ToC to mani_server.cfg - Implemented by PatPeter & Isias
  • Added ToC to mani_quake_sounds.cfg - Implemented by Isias
  • Added infos to .txt files to meet the new layout of the new mani_server.cfg and have them all in the same layout

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