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tickrate 100 with sv_maxupdaterate 33?
Hi to all SRCDS lovers!!
I recently discovered that the numbers illustrated at the right of the "net_graph 3" in the "in" line such as "33.5/s", "66.1/s" and "101.2/s" are NOT showing the TICKRATE of the server.They just show the sv_maxupdaterate value,the updates per second a client will have.BUT,there is a law that the sv_maxupdaterate will not be bigger than the server's tickrate.So I tried this:I have set the "-tickrate 100" at the target commands at the shortcut of SRCDS as u know in order to have my server run at 100 tick.Howerer,because I don't have enough bandwitdh,I have set the sv_maxrate to 8000 and sv_maxupdaterate to 33.So at net_graph we see 33 updates but you can feel 100 tickrate (when I recorded a demo,I noticed 100 ticks per second and the ak47 automatic fire was quick like in other 100 tick servers).SO,my question is:What is your opinion about all these?Is my server the best with these settings?Do other clients really feel these 100 tick in this situation?Thanks in advance and sorry for keeping long Smile
If you want 100tick go for sv_maxcmdate 100/sv_maxupdaterate 100.

Since setting it to 33 allows the server to recieve and send 33 a second instead of 100.

But.. yeah low on bandwidth go for the 33tick Toungue (go for 66tick first!)
Ok, this is how it works. -tickrates specifies what ticks the server should run at, and how many it should get, sv_maxupdaterate specifies the limit on the number of packets a second to the client. If you limit that, then your fires will still be the same on your side, but on the server side it will look like 33 tick to everyone else. Do you get it?
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