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Souceban problems.

I've some problems running SourceBans...
  • I don't have a "Ban" option in the admin menu ingame.
    And I am full admin!
  • When I ban someone through the sourceban site, they get kicked and it tells me on the dashboard they have been banned. But they can still connect...

I use Windows for game server and Linux for MySQL.

I don't get any MySQL errors.

And can I use the same database for both 2 game servers and the webbased administration?

- realchamp.
Do you have sv_filterban to 0?
[Image: b_350x20_C002748-004880-FFFFFF-000000.png]
pengy Wrote:Do you have sv_filterban to 0?

Erhm no.

I will add that and see if it works.
Sourcebans should work right out of the box if it is installed right. Make sure you copied over all the game_server files for SourceBans properly, and that basebans.smx is disabled. As for them being able to reconnect after being banned, that might have something to do with the basebans.smx.

Hope this works Smile
The basebans.smx was thrown into the disabled folder by SourceBans.

Well if you want you can look the configuration through abit later, since my servers are populated at this moment. (If something requires restart or upload).
I can TeamViewer and help out, it sounds like its server end, not the web end. Let me know on Steam when its good to go Smile
Beaverbeliever Wrote:I can TeamViewer and help out, it sounds like its server end, not the web end. Let me know on Steam when its good to go Smile

Okay, it might be like 2 haurs if you are on for that long? :p

yeah okay with teamviewer :p

I will let you know Smile
Yeah it's early here. Let me know Toungue
Okay. I will let you know soonly Toungue

I am rdy now? Where you dude!
Did you allow the server IP to connect to SourceBans's mySQL database? If your sourcebans hosting uses cPanel go to remote SQL and add the IP there.

Also check your sourcemod logs for errors.
hmm I did not. I just added the server into the admínistration panel.
How to "add" the ip?
You can add the IP in /addons/sourcemod/configs/sourcebans/sourcebans.cfg
Okay. I will do that.

I've two servers, so I will just add their ip's to their own sourcebans.cfg.

I don't see an option to add "ips".
You're right: two servers have two configs. You can add serverIP to the configfile. This is the manual. It's all there:
Maybe you want to start from scratch again. Just add the install folder.

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