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Server custom maps
my ded server doesnt let clients download maps
tf2/maps/pl_cranetop_b8 missing disconnecting
and after i set sv_allowclientdownload 1
it does a download screen but doesnt make any progress (i think)


mp_idledealmethod 1
mp_idlemaxtime 3
mp_timelimit 30
sv_cheats 0
sv_allowuserdownload 1
sv_pure 1
net_maxfilesize 99

server uses Sourcemod 1.2.2 SNAPSHOT 2737
Do you have a sv_downloadurl set incorrectly?
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Isn't it sv_allowdownload 1?
Beaverbeliever Wrote:Isn't it sv_allowdownload 1?

Yeah I think so.
0 is for non fastdl servers. *not sure*
i dont have a sv_downloadurl
how would you set that up

the server gave me download progress 5 minutes is there a way to set allowed download speed
I can give you a free fastdl/sv_downloadurl if you pm me.

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