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Killing Floor Update Released (8-20-09)
Dayle Flowers Wrote:A required update for Killing Floor has been released for both Windows
and Linux dedicated servers. All dedicated servers must be updated to be
compatible with the client version now on Steam (and to show in the
server browser). This update includes the following fixes and

- Added 2 new Weapons: AK47 and Katana.
- Added new Map: KF-Foundry.
- Added smoke to the Scrake's Chainsaw.
- Added "On Fire" animations to all Specimens.
- Adjusted the spawning of the Patriarch boss character to prevent cases where the boss was spawning too close to players.
- Adjusted Bullpup's firing sound to have more bass.
- Adjusted "Crisp up" settings for some of the Specimens when on Fire.
- Updated the flashlight to look and act in a more realistic fashion.
- Updated Mutator and Map White Lists(see Killing Floor forums at for more details)

- Fixed Scrake's head glowing when decapitated.
- Fixed "The Long War", "The Hard War", and "The Completely Suicidal War" achievements not unlocking.
- Fixed known exploits on KF-Farm, KF-Manor, KF-Offices, and KF-WestLondon.

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