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Question to Dedicated Server Install
Hi, i have a performance question:

we rent a dedicated server. DELL-Server PowerEdge SC420 Intel Pentium IV 2,8 GHz 512 MB DDR2-RAM (400 MHz) SuSE Linux 9 and we are hosting some of our own projects on it. i want to install the dedicated server from HL2 on it. my question is how many performance need the dedicated server to run beside our websites? will our websites slow down a lot? did someone do this before here? our projects are not using a lot of performance. just some mysql and pho stuff, hula and we also want to install yacy. ok thats a lot - but does need the dedicated server from half life 2 so much performance?

Greetings from Bonn, Germany
It'll vary, depending on how big of a server your making, how much bandwidth you have, and the settings you use on your server. On my primary box, I run a 32 player CS 1.6 server, a 32 player CSS server, two instances of Psychostats, forums, and a searchable steam id database. The last three barely use any resources, probably less than 3% max for the stats forums and steadmid databse (except when psychostats is updating, then it shoots up kinda high, but only for about one second or less).

My specs for your comparison:
dual opteron 250
2 GB ram
dual WD 74 GB raptors in raid 1
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