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Help with server lag
Im trying to resolve a few issues im having with my server. The biggest problem is that about once every minute or so i will have an apparent lag spike, where for about 1 second everyone freezes, and then resumes speed. I dont think its related to my isp, because im getting my full 100 tic and no loss or choke. My theories include bad ram sectors, bad cpu cache sectors, something i did wrong with the rates settings, or maybe its just that the computer im running the server on is connected to the internet via a 13 dollar usb wifi dongle. I also have a very strange phenomenon with voices... when people use their mics it sounds as if they are using a voice masking tool or something. makes it very hard to understand some people. If you want to come see the problems firsthand join up, CSS server name the 24/7 texture server. Thanks for any help you can provide. Now for my stats:

Processor: Intel Pentium 4 dual core @ 2.8 GHz

Ram: 1790 MB

startup command line:C:\srcds\srcds.exe -console -game cstrike -tickrate 100 +fps_max 1000 -autoupdate +maxplayers 8 +map aim_ag_texture_city -port 27016 -tickrate 100 +exec server.cfg -secure

Internet connection: AT&T. i get 6Mb/s down, 1Mb/s up. (it supports 8 players so dont tell me its horrible XD)

Also, i am NOT playing on the same server im hosting on. I have my Alienware for that Toungue

Game: CSS

Also, running mani. if you want to see my server.cfg file or anything just tell me, im not sure what all i should post due to the fact i have no idea whats causing this. Once again, thank you all for any help you can provide!

-Vaugith, aka Wolf
Use +fps_max 0 and not 1000, '0' takes the restriction off of it and it caps at 1000 on windows 08 anyway. Change your ingame voice codec (add to server.cfg): sv_voicecodec vaudio_speex (the default is vaudio_miles).

You have -tickrate 100 in your command line twice, too. Not a big deal, just mentioning. Smile
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(08-18-2009, 10:58 AM)Vaugith Wrote:  or maybe its just that the computer im running the server on is connected to the internet via a 13 dollar usb wifi dongle

You could be getting interferance from other items around the house, try giving it a cable to send its data through.

I never had much luck squeezing a 1000fps 100 tick server through a P4 HT processor ( its not dual core... ) and to boot your running server 2008 which will use more processing power than server 2003.

To see if your processor is capping out right click the task bar on server 2008 and go to task manager. Then switch over to performance watch top graph while people are playing, if either one of them ever max's out then your server will lag in game because your processor is bogged down. ( P4's are notorious for this )
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I solved the problem, dont worry about it. I ended up redoing the whole server on a linux server OS on a wired connection. I think the problem was the wifi, but no way to be sure. Works fine now anyway. Thanks for tryin to help though.
1000 Hz kernel?
Wireless B causes this type of intermittent connection loss. It renegotiates the speed with each client(ie. your server) every couple minutes. Glad to see you figured it out, but I just thought I would throw my 2cents in the mix anyway.
You should NEVER (EVER) run any type of server from a wireless connection. Get a long wire and wire it up.
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