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A poster on mani asks:

Icecius on Mani Wrote:Ok so I think I know what the problem lays... but I do not know how to fic the problem. The thing is that I have multiple servers running. To do this I have created seperate server.cfg files and point them out in the shortcut I made to start them. My fisrt server I set up to include server1.cfg and my second server2.cfg. This is fine... and the game will exec the right server file to begin the game. Here is the catch though... when a map reloads instead of looking for the server1.cfg it auto looks for the server.cfg file. Since I don't use a server.cfg file it keeps the previous settings.

So my question is now... How do I change it so that the game will look for the server1.cfg file throughout the game when changing maps???

We have not come up with an answer yet. However I kinda remember somewhere you can specify the server.cfg and more for each server. The only issue is, I have never ran more than 2 SRCDS at once, and they were completely different mods (CS:S and HL2DM). How do you guys go about running more than 1 srcds?

try searching these forums, there was someone who was able to get that working
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I think he found it out:

Icecius on Mani Wrote... Wrote:Ok... So first off you have to have removed your normal server.cfg file from your cfg folder.

Next you create anew server file for a game that you wish to start. I named mine server1.cfg, I also have a server2.cfg This makes things easier to manage because you know what goes with what. Remember to make sure your exec commands are within the file... like exec an file and stuff. Do NOT add the server server1.cfg within your server file!! You can specify your motd or your mapcyle files there but NOT your server file!!

You you want multiple games you should have multiple shortcuts associated with each game. Within the shortcut there will be a target field. This target field displays the games start up actions. You should call out the IP, port, and any other stuff you want. For multiple games off the same server you need to specify what server file to use in your target. You also need to add to include the server cfg command. Antoher words you need to do both and it should look like this-->
+servercfgfile server1.cfg +server1.cfg
The above should all be in the target. Please also note that if you run mulitple games you need to specify different IP address for each, or different ports. It is also recommended to increase the port by 20 and not by just 1.

The following is an example of what I did in my tagets. this will give you an idea!

C:\srcds\srcds.exe -console -game cstrike +ip -port 27015 +maxplayers 12 +map de_dust +servercfgfile server2.cfg +exec server2.cfg

C:\srcds\srcds.exe -console -game cstrike +ip -port 27015 +maxplayers 32 +map de_dust +servercfgfile server1.cfg +exec server1.cfg

After you have edited your shortcuts, recreate new watchdog files to load each game. This all worked for me, and I have no problems!!

You can set you games to load different motd or mapcycles as well. Just include the names and what files to look for within your cfg file for that game. For example I want server 1 to run dust only and have a different motd welcome I would add this to the server1.cfg file
mapcyclefile mapcyle1.txt
motdfile motd1.txt

Then you create the new files and add them in the right directory. This tells the game to look for those specific files verses the default ones.

Hope this helps someone other than myself!!


I have yet to try this, but I will also give it a shot. From what I have heard is that it was working for him.
yea it works.. i just tried it

also though if you run mani, and want different admin settings for each server, you can copy the mani_admin_plugin folder, and name then like mani_admin_plugin1, 2 and so on, and change the mani_path mani_admin_plugin1, or whatever you want it to go, allowing you to fully customize mani_admin for each server. other plugins i don't know, but im sure theres something simular.

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