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Can only run DE_Dust
Yeah, I DLed the dedicated server, and I ran it, but the only maps I can host are: for CS- De_Dust fr HL2: DM - dm_lockdown.

What is up here?? I can't bring up the pulldown to change maps!

(I was using the GUI)
Can you change it after the server is loaded?

Use this console command:

map de_dust2

Does this command switch your server to de_Dust2? Have you edited your maplist.txt and mapcycle.txt ?


If this does work I would recomend swapping to the console interface as it does not take up as much memory and is more effecient.
Im having the problem, i thought it was the maplist.txt ill check now.
so you cant change maps with the server map command?
Let me try that and I'll let you know.
OK...silly me, once I launch it, I am able to use the GUI manager to swtich maps, map rotation, money, etc...thanks!
However we recomend that you run your SRCDS in the console mode.

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