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[ENGLISH] [Extra] Setup/configuration of Counter-Strike: Source console.
Installation of Counter-Strike: Source Console(english)


First of all open your Steam client up.

Go in to the tab My Games:
[Image: console1.jpg]

Right click on Counter-Strike: Source with your mouse:
[Image: console2.jpg]

Then select Properties, now you should see a box like this one:
[Image: console3.jpg]

When this box is up, click on Set launch options....
You should now see this box here:
[Image: console4.jpg]

In this box are you allowed to set alot of stuff, example commands to change your listen servers -
tickrate or make it vac secure. But we are only going to get one single thing in there, later in this guide I will show you how to add more.

Now write -console into the box, then press OK when you've wrote it in there. Notice: The box will automaticly shutdown when you click ok OK.
Now the box should like look this:
[Image: console5.jpg]

If you want to change the listen servers tickrate to 66TICK instead of 33TICK, you must simply just write this into it:
[Image: console6.jpg]

Now press OK then it will save -tickrate 66 too.

So next time you start up your Counter-Strike: Source game you will have a console

Congratulations, you've now configurated a console for your Counter-Strike: Source game!

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