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I'm not sure if this is a problem that needs tweaked or how the heck to fix it. I'm running a server, but if i try to go into the server on the same machine its running off of, it lags the server out like crazy! Anyone know how to fix this problem?

Also, any tweaks to get the server running top notch on a cable connection 5mbps down and 1mbps up

i have player slots set at 10

I would try to AVOID playing on the same machine as your server. Please post your server specs so we can help you some more.
ok, well here's what the server is on currently.

Newcastle socket 754 AMD64 3000+ @ 2.3GHz
Abit NF8 nVidia nForce3 250GB motherboard with gigabyte LAN
1GB stick of Corsair PC3200 DDR400
Sapphire Tech 9600XT 128MB
80GB SATA WD 8MB Cache hard drive
500Watt PSU with 75% efficiency on full load
Those seem like really good server specs. Do you know your upload and download speeds for your internet? Are you having issues with other players using the server? Can you connect from a different computer to play? If you play on the server does it lag with other players only or does it lag if your just alone in your server?

Post your answers and I will get back to you quickly.
The reason it lags can be found here:

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