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Crashes on any different map
Hey guys, my server keeps crashing whenever i try to run a different map other than de_dust on it. Even when i start it up with lets say cs_italy the console just freezes and the server crashes. I'm really stumped, any help would be appreciated, Thanks.
Can you post your server specs please? Also include your internet and network connections please.
599mhz 256 RAM 80gb HDD Crap graphics card

2mb Broadband
Behind a router, all ports forwarded (pretty sure) UDP and TCP.
Are you running the HLDS tool or the steam dedicated server?

Does the map command cause the crash?

Do you have any addons or plugins?
Yea im using the steam tool, im about to download the srcds separately.

THe map command and also starting on any different map causes the crash.

NO addons or plugins
Please download the dedicated HLDSupdatetool and give that a try. Then post back here. The steam one from the 'Steam Games' Window is a piece of junk. It is best if you load up your SRCDS in console once you have the stand alone system downloaded.

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