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This forum is about srcds, but I think the people on this forum will know the answers on my questions too.
Because my questions goes about some things for a css server.

Is it possible to run this on a webhosting packet?
-Main website ( wordpress cms )
-Forum ( phpbb )
-Sourcebans web interface for 3 css servers
-SQL Admins for 3 css servers
-HlStatsx community edition for 3 css servers
I thought it was possible, but someone said it isn't.

For the moment it's only for 3 css servers, but it's possible that in the future more servers will be added.

How many databases do I need for everything?
-I know that the website uses 1 database and that the forum also uses 1 database.
-I want that all the servers are connected with eachother on sourcebans, so I think it uses 1 database
-Every server has different admins, so do I need 3 databases for SQL admin? For every server 1 database with the admins?
-I want that every server has seperated ranking, so do I need for every server 1 database? 3 in total?

If you can run this with a webhosting packet.
Can someone recommend me a good webhoster for this, which isn't really expensive?
Sourceban met 3 servers is 1 MySQL database. U kunt de host als veel servers met SourceBans met een MySQL database, ik denk dat het genoeg ondersteunt.

SQL Admin is 1.

HLStatsX met 3 servers is 1 MySQL database.

Het forum is 1.

Totaal is 3.

Ik weet niet hoe Wordpress.
(Hope you understood that :p)
I translated my post, maybe it's easier for you.

So hlstatsx is for every server different, but it needs only 1 database?
And also the admins are for every server different, and needs only 1 database?

Do you know a webhost where I can run this all?
Depending on how you want to run the servers with HLStatsX. As if you want to have seprate installations for them, then you'll need 3 databases for 3 servers. If you choice to run all servers on ONE stat system, you will only need 1 database.

I think you can configurate them as the one server will have those properties and then the other has those and if so, then you will only need 1 for that.

Are you planing to buy(with money) or looking for a free host?

ps. thank you for translation.

Did you even understand what I wrote? :p
Met HlstatsX CE heb je aan 1 database inderdaad genoeg. Je kunt via web, phpmyadmin en/ of de configs aangeven wat je per instance wil. Ook admins kun je door ze in verschillende groepen te zetten in 1 database stoppen. En ook is het handig om 1 sourcebans database te maken; ook daar zijn servergroepen aan te maken, zodat er een duidelijke scheiding is tussen de servers.

Je kunt natuurlijk gewoon een kale server huren die je zelf inricht en beheert. Wel ff goed kijken naar specs en verbinding.

Als je hulp met de opzet nodig hebt, moet je het even laten weten.
It was very strange dutch Big Grin
Didn't understand it very well.

I'm looking for buying a webhost.
I don't want to buy a dedicated server or vps, because I don't have money for that.
Okay. Do you have any experience with buying webhosts before? Or are you completely new?

I'd like to tell you it is possible to host it by yourself. And not that difficult.

Ahh but atleast it was spelled right? :-) Wasn't it?
I never bought webhosting, but I have experience with free webhosts.
I can't host it myself, because I live in Belgium, and our connections suck here Sad
Somewhere else they told me I need a VPS for this. Is that true? Is this not possible on normal webhosting?
I have a normal webhost.

I run 12 MySQL databases at this moment on my webhotel.

And 1 database at home for testing MySQL "scripting".

So where should your webhosting be located?

No as I know you wouldn't need a VPS.
Good to hear that Big Grin

But aren't the hlstatsx a pretty heavy proces?
Because they need to update with the server the whole time.

I live in Belgium.

2 of the css servers are located in the Netherlands.
1 css server is located in Germany

So I think it's the best to buy webhosting in the Netherlands? Maybe UK will also do it?
Well I'd stick to Europa if I were you.
Then just find the country with the lowest ping to.

HLStatsX aren't so heavy. But it is noticeable, however if it is a rented server, then no problem at all.
(The webhotel can handle it easy).

My webhotel is from Denmark.
I think Denmark will be a little bit to far.
But what is a webhotel?
Webhotel: A online space, where you can store your stuff. (also known as webserver).

My ping to NL is 23ms, that's not bad! I have 50ms to UK and between that for Germany.

But try google some web providers in Netherlands or Germany.

An advice would be to actually take the time to read the licens of agreemnent(terms of use). So you won't get ripped off.
So a webhotel = webhost?

Are these things right:

For soucebans you need:
o PHP 5.0
o MySQL 5.0

For SQL Admins you need:

For HlStatsx you need:
o Perl
o Apache2 & PHP
o PHPMyAdmin

Can anyone confirm this is right?
If this is right, I will search a webhost who support this all.
That's right.

Well ALMOST all webservers has MySQL, PHP and Apache.

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