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how do i add plugins?

im running a hidden source server. And now i want to add some plugins but how do i "install" them?
i have never worked with plugins before

Which plugins?
some of the plugins on this link

Spectator Hidden Trail
Hidden Roar
Radio Taunts
Beta 5's PigShove
Radio Trip Alarm
What's wrong when you've "installed" them?
(The quotes symbolize that I don't think you've done it right).
i asked HOW to install them.. mean i dont know how to install at all

Then add plugins ...
Bamboocha Wrote:i asked HOW to install them.. mean i dont know how to install at all

Ups sorry. I read wrong in your first post. My fault an apologize to you. :-)

But try that link Arjen posted.
ok i have installed sourcemod now. but i dont have permission to use admin commands via sm_admin. how do i solve it?
and my first problem is still there. How do i add plugins? wher do i put the files? and do i have to type anything in other files to load the plugins?
i found the solution to the admin problem now.
shall i put the smx files in hidden/addons/sourcemods/plugins/
and the sp files in hidden/addons/sourcemods/scripting/
it was alot of the same "types" of files in those maps

.smx files insite that folder there.

And the .sp files doesn't matter, as it is the raw code itself. Not needed to be compiled Toungue
ok thanks alot! but now i need help to find a plugin.
i want it to play a little song when ppl join my server. i have noticed that some other servers use it. I have no idea what to search for.
ok now i got a new problem.. it never ends lol
when the server changes map it crashes..
if ppl rtv it crashes, when i change with changelevel command it crashes.
Try removing SourceMod.
it still crashes Sad
i did read sommewhere that it is bad to have both mani admin and sourcemod at the same time.
could that be the problem?
i just found out that i can change map with the mani admin commands ingame.

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