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AMX for CSS??
after playing on a server with AMX and the super hero mod and thinking it pwned, i thought id go out and search for it for source but i cannot find it

is it possible to run amx and the super hero mod on source if so how?

there is no amx mod for source afaik. the cs 1.6 (and earlier) mods didn't seem to care about supporting source, but there are a bunch of plugins that do work with source.
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If your are looking for a good admin mod for CS:S try mani:
Mani Admin Plugin for CS:S

and I think there is a superhero mod for CS:S but I think it has something do with eventscripts, which can be found here:
Mattie's Event Scripts
lol im sivk of mani its total crap, hence why im looking for amx on source
Dont expect AMX anytime soon, and you wont find much of a better plugin than Mani thanks to its great support and community.
lol i was banned there :'(
What did you do? I dont seem to remember you, then again I have been more active in Mattie's forums than Mani's
banned for argueing at some little punk
Well, that sux.

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