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SourceTV relay questions
Hi guys,

Just a few questions really. I've been running sourcetv relays for people and fairly large events for the past few months now and I'm ready to launch a site where one of the features is booking relays. Now, one problem I have had is assigning the ports properly. I try +port -port +tv_port -tv_port and they don't work properly, they just start from 27020 and go up. If anyone could shed some light on that, that would be great. Second question is, is there any way I can optimize it? Seeing as I will be running quite a few relays once we get running properly and I'd like to use the servers the best I can Smile

Many thanks,
If your referring to the port on the main SourceTV server itself (port) starting from 27020 then id advise playing the command in several places.

+tv_port in commandline
tv_port in server config
tv_port in valve.rc

also put +exec server.cfg in the main servers commandline. If the tv port isnt assigned after that, somethings rather odd.

For optimisation, editing the snapshot rate and maxrate of the TV may possibly help if fiddled with. I'm not exactly sure what the best values would be in your case.
I'm not talking about the main sourcetv server, no. I mean the actual relay. I notice other people have them as say, 28001. I cannot seem to bind to any port. It just starts assigning from 27020 and going up (whichever is the next available port).

Regarding the optimisation, I'd like to try and keep the CPU / RAM usage down to a minimum. As on one or two servers I have available to me they are only 1.6Ghz dual cores with 1GB of ram Smile
Maybe this site can help:

I found this on it:
To setup a SourceTV relay proxy, start a Source Dedicated Server process without a running a map. The tv_relay command connects the relay proxy to another SourceTV server/proxy. Here an example how to create a SourceTV relay:
srcds.exe -game cstrike -console +tv_relay

Maybe try this and change the port to something else
+tv_port <port> in your relay's start up line will force the relay to broadcast on <port>. -port <port> will assign a port which you are able to issue rcon commands to via rcon_address. Also make sure you are forcing the server to relay another server straight away, not start up like a normal server (making it startup on a map).

eg. /games/tf2/orangebox/srcds_run -game tf -port 27036 +tv_enable "1" +tv_port 27035 +ip +tv_relay +exec srctv.cfg

That will force the relay server to broadcast on port 27035, allow rcon commands on port 27036 and relay the sourcetv server running on

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