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Server Crash
pretty much I have fedora core 3.0 2.6 kern

What I need is a program, thats freeware, not a demo, and works with linux from win xp. I need some kind of data recovery program. The OS took a big crap from a power out, fileing system is all out of wack. I looked all over the net and, all I get is freeware thats a demo. Plz someone help !!!
I had a similar problem once, but I don't remember how I fixed it. I know it was something built in to linux that I used to fix it though. I think it was a filesystem tool. It didn't completely fix it, but gave me enough time to copy the data on the drive, then I formatted and installed RHEL 4 after that.
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So basically.. You wanna run linux INSIDE windows as a virtual server?

I don't recommend it, unless you have all your hardware as top of the line. I had a server that ran windows 2003 (or 2000) and it ran VMWARE GSX and i had Gentoo installed as a virtual machine. Running CS on there sucked so badly. Get the server to boot in single usermode with root ( / ) mounted as READ ONLY and run a fsck. Or reinstall the distro, its fedora, should only take 30 not even, get a UPS, when your poweer goes out, you have 30-45 to save and shut the server down.
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