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L4D Server Problem
Linux 2.6.9-023stab046.2-smp # MSK 2007 i686 GNU/Linux
(virtual dedicated server with 2ghz cpu power and 1gb ram)

startup: ./srcds_run -console -fork 1 -game left4dead -autoupdate +ip XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX -port 27025 +exec server.cfg +map l4d_vs_hospital01_apartment +mp_gamemode "versus"

PROBLEM: server starts, players connect, game works, game ends, player disconnect, server sends signal ->

Quote:#01:-> Reservation cookie 0: reason reserved(yes), clients(no), reservationexpires(0.00)

#01:Server is hibernating

then the server "goes to sleep" but never wake up again.. i cant reach it from anywhere.. if i look in my server process i now see 2 processes with 'srcds_i486' (before it was only 1 process) but one of them looks like
'srcds_i486 <defunct>' ..

thats it.. i mean that is what happens and i dont really understand it...
the game works for 1 round till everybody disconnects and then the server fails to nirvana

any help plz ?!

could it be a problem with gamemode switching ?! since i support all 3 mods..
survial, versus and coop.. just a thought..
nvmd, got it fixed now..

i removed "-fork 1" from the startup and added 2 masterservers manually..
after those changes it was working normal...

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