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Uninstall mani admin
I want to uninstall mani admin (it is annoying for me) and install superadmin
but i am not quite sure how to uninstall mani admin properly.
Just remove the .vdf file insite the addons folder.

Or if it is loaded with MetaMod just remove the line from addons/metamod/metaplugins.ini
Lol i tried to do it my self before this post and installed super admin then removed that then re-added mani admin and now any time i try to open srcds.exe it dissapears. :'( I hope you can help out.
.. then it's save to remove mani* (dll or so) from the addons folder. Also remove everything containing mani from the cfg folder and remove the line exec mani.cfg from the server.cfg or the autoexec.cfg.
I deleted the folder (SRCDS folder) and the cstrike folder wont delete. Trying to re-install now.
Shut down the server?
I just renamed it to "mani_admin_plugin.vdf.OLD" so I can rename it back to mani_admin_plugin.vdf once it's patched yet again.
You don't need to uninstall or remove. Simples! Big Grin
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