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Server Restart Script?
Hey, I was just wondering if there was a script or something that could restart my SRCDS server if it crashes or gets an error. Thanks. Also I am using Ubuntu Server 9.04.
I have replied a post before. Feel free to use the script i wrote:
Add -autoupdate to the command line (was how i solved it)
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Thank, but when I add -autoupdate it tried to download all of the default maps, etc. beacuse I run a GunGame server, so I just left the -autoupdate out. But my server is up to date I was just looking for something so like when I go to bed or am away from my house I dont have to worry about the server crashing or what ever on a map, even though I can PuTTY into it. Also to update my server, whenever they do get out dated, i run ./steam right? Or is there a way to have the server -autoupdate without it trying to download all of the original content again?
-autoupdate, why do you not want the original maps too? Having them in the maps folder does not affect anything, mapcycle/maplists tell what maps to run on.
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while true ; do ./srcds_run -game cstrike ; sleep 5 ; done

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If you are looking to simply keep the server running in the background, you could use the linux command screen.

screen by itself creates a virtual session inside your putty terminal that you can run your script on, then detach from without closing the script.

you can later re-attach to the screen session if you need to. the -autoupdate command will bring the server back up if it crashes also.
Or add a script to the crontab:

contab -e
*/1 * * * * /path/to/script/css-pub.scr startup >/dev/null

checks every minute if css is running and start when the server is offline.

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