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How many slots?
CPU: Xeon X3350 (2.66 Ghz, 12 MB L2 Cache)
RAM: 8 GB DDR2 800 Mhz
Hard Drive: 250 GB SATA
Bandwidth: 2000 GB

How many CS:S slots per core? I would like to know 100 and 66tic if possible.
What is the speed of your network? About 30 slots 100 tick, 35 slots 66 tick.
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Really? Thats rather weak compared to my Q6600.

Would this be better?

CPU: X3220
RAM: 8 GB DDR2 1066 Mhz
Hard Drive: 250 GB

100 MBPs.
First is better. Note that my numbers may be off.
[Image: b_350x20_C002748-004880-FFFFFF-000000.png]
Well I really want to put up some 64 slot 66tick servers, thats why I ask.
You could pull off one 64man @ 66 tick per core on those processors.
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On which CPU? the first or the second? Because as it stands I have a Q6600 with 4 GB DDR2 RAM.
The first one.
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How much could the second one hold? Because the guy ran out of the first set of servers, but I am curious to see how it would work.
35 - 40 100 tick slots I would say, but you might as well stick with your Q6600, hardly any difference.
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Hey SaintGTR,

Its not so much about how many you can install is about how active they are going to be. You can install 20+ instances of low tick and fps servers but depends on the mods you load and how active the system is.

Xeon X3350 = Rank 35
Xeon X3220 = Rank 66
Core2 Q6600 = Rank 70

Quote:How many CS:S slots per core? I would like to know 100 and 66tic if possible.

A: CPU/RAM Recourses
- From years of experience I like to test run different systems and just keep an eye on resources. Its all about trial & error with some experience. Generally with my experience you want to stay under 20-30% CPU usage EVER, or you will start to notice CPU lag. This can be ok to go above 30% to 40 etc, but once you notice spikes from 30 solid to 30-40-+ its when you notice these LAG SPIKE issues...

Now the next question is do you want quality servers or good servers etc. Some people say you cant run more then one server per core or 1 1000 fps server per box etc. Well its really up to you how much quality you want out of your system. Add a server - test - check cpu/ram results and go from there.

Next issue is ram resources. Depending on the type of server your installing - it can use anywhere from 128mb to 500+ to a full gb. The lower the tick - the lower the fps - the less mods, the mess ram used. My rule has always been for loading servers is use about 50-60% of the ram. NEVER More. There is many ways to read ram usage but best or most basic is PFU = Page File Usage. If your running a 2008 windows server its going to read in %

40% less HIGH CPU and quality servers
50% less Standard fps and ticks
60% less for low fps and tick sensitive servers

Once again its really up to you. But once the server reaches above 50% to 70%+ is when you will notice REGISTRATION ISSUES If you load too many servers and they start to fill - this will come into play. If you keep the ram low - then all you have to worry about is CPU usage.

But based off your looking to run newer technology and a quad core system - its 10 x different then using an old dual core model etc. I would think with 8 GBs and Quad Core.

Zombie mod eats up the CPU. We ran 1 64 man on the Q6600 before and stayed full for a month. Was 10-15+% total CPU usage (Not on one core - across all cores) If your looking to run 4 x 64 man zombies its possible, but if all are full - your going to see 40%+ CPU usage.

B: Per Core Selection (Affinity/CPU/Core)

Ok I asked this question to many hosts over the years. On different server company forums, to different CEOs from companies we resold from etc. From what I get is dont select any cores....

If your running a few different services that are not game servers and you want to make sure they dont interfere with the rest of the gaming performance, then yes you want to select which core you instances of servers go on.

In the case your not worried about other stupid programs that shouldnt be running on a "Dedicated Gaming Servers", then DONT SELECT ANY CORES/AFFINITIES/CPUs. The systems are smart enough these days to balance the CPU itself.


If you have say 4 x 1000 fps and 1 x 64 100 tick zombie mod server and the zombie mod server is the most active - once it reaches a point where it is using too much of the resources across all CPUs - it will move its service to only one core. If you had a system long enough and watch the CPU Usage in the task manager - you will notice this sometimes. One core has a higher usage then the rest. Find the service - using the most resources and you will find its must be active on the one core.

Let the CPU do its job. When you start selecting cores - you start playing GOD! Your not a CPU GOD! lol

1000 fps are touchy. YOU MUST keep resources 100% low Dont try to install 1 per core on Q6600 and expect to run all 4 with activity.

ALL of the above info is from a very low end server tech. I have no schooling and just taking this from common sense, experience and information from other experience GSP and server techs. If you dont agree with anything above please give us more detail and your opinion :]. Would love to hear more about what people have to say on this topic.
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