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Lock down server
Looking for a way to lock down a server so only certain people can join. Like a list of steam ID's or something?
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sv_password is the easiest way. if it really must be a list of steam ids, you could try setting up all slots as reserved slots e.g. with sourcemod and give the allowed steam ids the right to use reserved slots... (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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I think you cant do a "Lock Down" i think you just can use sv_password (found in server.cfg)
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I have seen a lot and your situation is not too much different. All I can say is use the tools I provided and make rules and stick by them.
Well you could do:

Install sourcemod
Make all the slots reserved.
Put the players that needs to join to respected.
By certain people, do you mean your friends? You can remove the server from the masterlist and hopefully only your friends will join.

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