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Port switched to 62079
Hi, i'm new on this forums.

I have a router that doesnt have the ports on 27015 open so. I normally can't put up a server.
Year ago I did put up a server but I didn't know anymore how. (No Lan)

So I started to install srcds again. And did every step. Everything worked fine!
Now its the part to find out how to let people join in my server without putting the server ports open..
I didnt find anything decent. Then I watched my serverlist and I saw my lan server was gone, so I looked in the Internet tab and there it was.

but he used a different port ? Port: 62079.
I asked some mates to join, they all could join! Fantastic, I closed my server and restarted.. Didn't work anymore..

So i started searching on this forums.
I tried to put -port 62079. Didn't work.
I've found -clientport, didnt test that one yet!

And i've found this important thing
When the game is running and then you start a server on the same PC. The server port will choose another port because the game is using 27015 already.
Is this true ?

Do you know how it came on port 62079 ? Please help me
Wait is the server working and can people connect to it
I have a server an the same thing happned to me I forwaded port 27015 and the ip had a random port (the ip was not even my external ip but it was the same server)
I got alot of messages from my friends saying that it shows 2servers with the same name and they are both the same one
anyone has an idea why is this happining to me?

I have tried the game thing where you rum your game and then the server and it didn't work( it sent me an error about the ports and the server shutdown)
Yes, people could join on my external ip with port 62079!
But I don't know the heck how I did make it is port 62079...

I just refreshed my lan list, wasn"t there so i looked over in the Internet tab and there it was..

Ok. So If u have more then one srcds open, the Port just changes up with 1+. But if you used all those ports, he use a random port that is open!

So i just start 6 servers and my sixth one is online Smile
Maybe, someone got a better solution ?

Now it has chosen this port:
i have the same problem but the server works fine and all is good but it shows that i have 2 servers on the server list (which is ok for me)
the server should still work fine if you forwad the port 27015 and all the other ports correctly

i was trying to run two servers at one time but i couldnt
it keeps on sending me cannot connect to upd port error
can someone help me with this?
Same error, but when I got that error my server goes online Big Grin.
And, problem is my dad won't let me login to the router settings Sad
I get that error and the server shuts down
What is your startup command?
[Image: b_350x20_C002748-004880-FFFFFF-000000.png]
C:\srcds1\srcds.exe -game hl2mp +maxplayers 16 -console +map gm_flatgrass -autoupdate +port 27014 -insecure
Try wit -port instead
[Image: b_350x20_C002748-004880-FFFFFF-000000.png]
it says "could not allocate dedicated sourceTV UPD port"
Add +tv_port 27030
Or add -nohltv
[Image: b_350x20_C002748-004880-FFFFFF-000000.png]
Thanks now it is working awsomely good thanks

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