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L4D not in Server Browser
I currently have 2 L4D servers running on port 27060 and 27061. When I refresh the server list it doesn't show the list. User's can connect to the server when i mp_force_dedicated_server and I can see it through my favorites and history. I can connect to the server manually.

Here is my server.cfg

Quote:// Server Name
hostname "myservername"

// Rcon Cvars
rcon_password "myrcon" //Set's remote control password

// Server Cvars
mp_disable_autokick 1 //Prevents a userid from being auto-kicked
exec banned_user.cfg
exec banned_ip.cfg
sv_allow_lobby_connect_only 0 //Allow direct connection - NOT just lobby connections

sv_voiceenable 1 // Let people talk
sv_alltalk 0 // Everybody talks to each other
sv_cheats 0 // Disallow cheats (sv_cheats defaults to 0, btw)
sv_unreserve // Clears any Lobby Reservation for this server

motd_enable 1

sv_allow_color_correction 0 //Allow or disallow clients to use color correction on this server.
sv_allow_wait_command 0 //Allow or disallow the wait command on clients connected to this server.
sv_alltalk 0 //Players can hear all other players, no team restrictions
sv_alternateticks 0 //If set, server only simulates entities on even numbered ticks.
sv_clearhinthistory 0 //Clear memory of server side hints displayed to the player.
sv_consistency 1 //Whether the server enforces file consistency for critical files
//sv_contact markg //Contact email for server sysop
sv_pausable 0 //Is the server pausable.
director_no_human_zombies 0

// Lan or internet play, Server region cvars
sv_lan 0 //Server is a lan server ( no heartbeat, no authentication, no non-class C addresses )
sv_region 1 // Region Codes: 0 - US East coast, 1 - US West coast, 2 - South America, 3 - Europe, 4 - Asia, 5 - Australia, 6 - Middle East, 7 - Africa, 255 - world

// HTTP Redirect
//sv_downloadurl "" //Location from which clients can download missing files

z_difficulty normal // Difficulty of the current game (easy, normal, hard, impossible)

// Server Logging
sv_log_onefile 0 //Log server information to only one file.
sv_logbans 1 //Log server bans in the server logs.
sv_logecho 0 //Echo log information to the console.
sv_logfile 1 //Log server information in the log file.
sv_logflush 0 //Flush the log file to disk on each write (slow).
sv_logsdir logs //Folder in the game directory where server logs will be stored.

//Server Rates
sv_maxcmdrate 100 //(If sv_mincmdrate is > 0), this sets the maximum value for cl_cmdrate.
sv_unlag 1
sv_maxunlag .5

sv_search_key mysecretkey // this will allows you to find a server through matchmaking with a specific search string
sv_steamgroup mykey //this is your group�s steam group id. allows members to join from main menu add

setmaster add
setmaster add
setmaster add
setmaster add

Here is my startup command:

Quote:./srcds_run l4d -autoupdate -console -maxplayers 8 +sv_lan 0 +ip -port 27060 +exec server.cfg +map l4d_vs_farm01_hilltop

The server's also show up through the steam group servers. Just not showing from the master server list.

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