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Cannot connect to Garry's Mod server.
Hey, another problem..

I got my server up and running. Works great on LAN. I forwarded my ports correctly, have no firewall running on the host system, but no one can connect.

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance Smile
Appartently you must have done something wrong.

Try to use the tool at and check if the server is visible.(While having the server running!)
It doesn't show up on there. I think its possible my ISP might block ports over 10000. I seem to remember some bullcrap about that.

I'll try some other port later on, kinda too busy this second to Smile
Just change the servers port to like 5800 for testing. (-port 5800)
Alright well. I think something may be messed up with the system itself.

I have a server program being hosted off this computer, and people are able to connect and stuff. So I put the same program on the other system, configured the ports correctly and no connection can be made from the outside. Idk what it can be. I got every possible firewall disabled.

EDIT: Found out, my ISP does not block any ports. Back to square 1.
Did your local ip change?
The local IPs for all my systems are all static. I'm not sure if its a problem with my router or the computer itself.

What ports am I supposed to have forwarded? I got 27005 and 27015 right now. I had 27020 earlier also.
27000 - 27040
1200 - 1200

Is what I have, and works like a charm!
Still doesn't work. I am absolutely positive I have no firewall running on that system.

[Image: portss.png]
Thought I'd screenshot it for the hell of it. The "Raido" forward is the one that works fine on the other system.

If anyone has any success doing this with a Linksys BEFSR41, that would be quite helpful.
How about Windows Firewall? And what version of Windows do you have?
I am using XP. And the firewall is disabled.

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