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Not opening all ports, make the server bad?

I found out that i should have open all ports FROM 27030 to 27039 and from 27015 to 27020 or something like that. Earlier i have just opened the ports 27030,27039,27015 and 27020.

Will this make a difference for the server?
Yes it could affect your server as these are ports that steam uses and requires to be open according to other websites. I have all the ports open so have not had an issue.
Try dmz'ing your server. That helps get ports you forgot or cant find.
with my server.. i just opend 27015, and haven't had a problem at all. from what i seen.. all the other ports are if your running the steam client itself.. and its not recomended to leave the computer dmz'd, it leaves your whole computer wide open.

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