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Hey all,

Just getting started here at srcds and was wondering what I could do with my bandwidth and hardware if anything at all. All hardware specs are just for reference and not set in stone since I have yet to put it together. I am most interested in what potential my connection has for L4D versus mode and later in L4D2.

I'm upgrading to a FiOS home connection. So consider either a 15/5 or a 25/15. I'd like to know what I can/can't do on either connection in the best of conditions.

Server OS: I have a windows server OS but will most likely run a linux distro because its to my understanding that it'll be easier on the server.

Processor: 2 - Opteron 2356 Quads @ 2.3ghz each

Ram: Any amount, DDR2 667 ECC

Game(s): L4D Versus mode (8 player slots+2 spectators=10 total slots) , and later L4D2 (possibly), and a ventrillo server.

Admin Mods: This probably really doesn't matter much as a mod, but the RUP! mod used for competitive L4D. (Doesn't add anything to gameplay.)
You should easily handle that L4D server and a L4D2 + 50(even more)slots Ventrilo Smile
If you take the 25/15MBit.
Cool thanks, but then is it right to assume that I could barely host a L4D versus server and Vent servers on the 15/5? Or is that not even possible? It's looking like I'll have to do the 25/15.

Also, saying I were to follow the proposed server setup above^, are the server specs I have listed overkill?
Your hardware should be fine.

You can easily host a versus server and a ventrilo server on the 15/5MBit.

But why not take the 25/15 if you can?
realchamp Wrote:You should easily handle that L4D server and a L4D2 + 50(even more)slots Ventrilo Smile
If you take the 25/15MBit.

You can't host more than 8 ventrilo slots, its capped. If you plan on having more than 8 people in at a time, you're better off renting a server from a provider. In a filled versus game, Left 4 Dead uses about 60KBPS/in and 100KBPS/out max. When filled, I would suggest 1-2 L4D servers per core. Bandwidth isn't as big of a deal for L4D, but hardware is.
So I take it that I'm just fine with 15/5 from what you're saying? And that considering that I plan to have 2 quads I can shoot for 4-8 servers? If that's true, if I plan for 8 servers (2 per core) how much RAM per cpu would I be looking at?

I might opt for the 15/5 to save a few bucks but for only a few more dollars the 25/15 is so tempting. If I end up taking the plunge on the 25/15, I'll consider setting up more servers on more boxes if the bandwidth usage of L4D above is correct.

Thanks for the quick and detailed responses!
Approximately 2 servers pr. core. And can you should just being able to handle 5 servers(10slots each).

Well the best would absolutely be to run it and when it gets bad, take one server of.

RAM per CPU, hmm SRCDS needs 512mb or less I think.
Yeah, I'll get testing as soon as I get everything in order, but I'm trying to match my hardware potential with my bandwidth potential so each is being maximized.

So you're saying I can handle 5 - 10 slot servers on the 15/5 according to the L4D bandwidth usage esimated by SBT above?

And that an 8 core should be able to handle 8 servers with each server backed by at least 512 mb of RAM each?

Looks like I'll opt for the 25/15 and try to setup more boxes.
With 10 slots per server, it would round off to 130KBps max per server. That would take around 1040mbps of your connection. If you wanted to run 8 servers. I would personally go for 1 server per core. If for any reason, that all 8 servers are filled at the same time, you would be looking at around 9mbps of your 15mbps. I wouldn't try to pass 10mbps of upload from these 8 L4D servers, and have that 5mbps overhead. Since this is a home connection, I'm guessing this will be for personal use and not dedicated towards running these servers.

You will be fine with 4GB of ram but 8GB would be nice. You will most likely not use the resources of all 8 servers unless you are giving the servers out to people so they can use it all day.
Would that estimation of RAM be per core or total? I couldn't believe that a total of 4gb would be fine, but I have no idea what I'm dealing with yet.

I'm thinking 6 servers and 2 of the 6 running almost 24/7 on a 25/15 home connection with usage on it other than the servers, my brother playing WoW, browsing the internet, youtube, etc. Sound okay?

Also, I know this isn't on topic, but is there a good guide/tut on setting up multiple servers on one machine? I'm not all too sure on how it works yet and would like to do some reading.
Well, are all the servers going to be public servers or...? The ram would be total, 4GB would be enough for 6 because I doubt all servers will be full at once all the time. 8GB would be a good amount. I personally would go for non-ecc ram as it is alot cheaper and you can find 8GB for around $60.

You could try and see if Verizon offers additional IP's for extra or you can run them on different ports within the same IP. Will you be using a control panel to manage the servers or will you do these manually? If you want, send me your aim/msn through PM and I can help you out further.
Cool thanks everybody!

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