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Alright, I ordered a server from counterstrike servers. I realized it was a mistake. They overload their boxes. When I check my fps ingame, like the server`s fps with rcon command, it will say 500 fps, then the next time 273, 235, 515, 73.

I mean what the heck is this? Everyone complain's about registry.

So I was wondering, do you guys know the best and cheapest host. I was looking for a 28 slot 66 tick server for surf. I wouldn't mind 100 tick, but I want to know if this is true, if you rent a server, is it bad to stretch 100 tick past 20 slots?

Lastly, the server can't overload their boxes. This is what counterstrike does.
Don't go cheap, if you want a good server, go spend money to buy one
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pengy Wrote:Don't go cheap, if you want a good server, go spend money to buy one

alright can u suggest a host?
Which location?
realchamp Wrote:Which location?

the location is new york city, usa

It is very important, I need to know right away. My old server subscript. is about to end, and I need to redirect every1 to new 1.
If you want a stable FPS, you would be better off buying a server from provider's that sell servers mainly for match use. People complain about registry on a 28 man surf server?
Before it wasnt surf. Also can someone actually say the url? This is why I want someone's opinion, because you cannot trust any hosts..
Just do yourself a favor, and look at reviews. Some good review sites are,,
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If the companies are big enough, most will allow you to test a server for a few days. Of course that brings up a lot of companies servers are good for the 1st month then not the next. Always paying the cheapest price out there isnt the best method.

Trial and error. If you can state who to go with in this topic I recommend - If you cant - go with the above info dualcore said, check out some good review sites.

- 50% OFF the 1st month
- 7 Day money back
- Test servers available by support ticket

Any questions related to them let me know.
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i use

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