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DM and Rpg on a server
Hi, I am renting a server and I am experiencing problems with my dm/rpg server.

The server is running the following:

Add Ons include:

Mani v1.2BetaS
MM:S v1.7.0
EventScripts v2.0.0.248
CS:S DM v2.0.0.416
CSS:RPG v1.0.5
SMod v1.1.0

Server Info:

100 tickrate
16 slots
Fast Download
500 fps (though for some reason the fps changes around)

The Issue:

My problem is the server keeps crashing, about every 3-4 hours. It is quite new and I have been having problems with it. I researched around, but no help. I tried many things, but I still get crashes.

I have rpg/mani/source mod loaded through metamod. Before I had rpg stand alone, but my server crashed all the time. I then let it run through metamod, and I had no crashes for 2 days, but today it crashed twice in 3 hours. It is not a hacker.

I also set it so that the save interval for the rpg database file is set so it saves when the map changes, or when a player disconnects.

There are so many other servers out there with rpg/dm, why do I keep having problems.

I have every plugin for sourcemod disabled. I think the problem lies with rpgmod, but I dont know for sure.

This is really stressing me out. Sad

When the server is full, it uses around 40 - 55 cpu.

Also when people join and disconnect there are about quarter of a second lag spikes. I figure this is because there data is being stored to the database file.
Hello. Recently RPG have been the issue for causing crashes.

Also, why do you need all these plugins? Why not use the DM mod, which do not use SourceMod?

And try this fix for RPG:
Alright, thankyou for the quick reply. 2 things though.

1. that patch is for 1.0.4, my version is 1.0.5, I did not try it, but before I do, is it compatible with the newer version?

2. i use all the plugins, because the latest version of dm is better.
1. It's a version of 1.0.4, I have seen the 1.0.5 fix yet. (Don't exspect there will be one).

2. Well have you tried version 0.97? It's almost the same, but it requires a .vdf file instead.
Yes I have, I will likely, switch to it. Before I do anything though. Will that patch work with 1.0.5, wasn't quite sure what you were saying there.
It is actually an entire plugin for itself.

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