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L4d - outside users can't connect to my server
Hi everyone,

Don't think i'm duplicating anything already psted, i have had a look about.

I've got a L4d server running on our Linux server connected to our LAN which runs absolutely fine for Lan games, however It will not let others from outside connect.

When they try the console from my game shows the following

Dropped player: 51969601, 11000010318fe41!
[L4DMM] CMatchGame::RemovePlayer - Cannot find player by 11000010318fe41!

As far as we can tell we have the ports correctly set up and i'm running the following launch string.

./srcds_run l4d -autoupdate +hostport 27015 +ip +exec server.cfg

Its something i set up for the challenge as much as anything, my flat mate runs the server's day to day bits, and doesn't L4D himself, so isn't too interested. Any obvious ideas or things i could try would be great

Any other info needed to help let me know, thanks


Sorry, its running on a Debian 5 (lenny) server if that helps
Could be a router issue?
hmmm, we've fiddled with the router settings loads, got all the Source DS ports open.
I don't think +ip +exec server.cfg are necessary unless l4d works differently than other source games.
no, its just on all the strings i've found on the internet, not using it, doesn't seem to make any difference...
Some more info, this is what happens when some trys to join, this is from my console, nothing is appearing on the server console, which isn't running in the background.

Join request approved
New client. Client Info: ID: 12345678, Players: 1, Gamertag: ******, Avatar: 2, Team: 0
Telling remote to join server [local]

now it mihgt be us but that looks like its telling people to join like they on our private network, is there somewhere i can put our external IP? or should be putting our external IP?

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