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a lag free server
hi my name is [xXx] con. ive tried to reply on the forums , but the forum will not let me, so i will write a short paragraph on how i got my 40 man source server to run perfectly when it is full.

1. create the shortcut from the exe and change the commandline in it.
2. create the batch file like the tutorials on this website say to do.
3. set your batch file to run your server in a higher priority in accordance with how many players that you plan to run.

1-20 players (33 tic) normal priority
20-32 players (33 &66 tic) abovenormal priority
32-45 players (33,66,&100 tic) high priority

66 & 100 tic servers should NOT be run in normal priority

i have a 40 man source server running at 66 tic that stays full 20 hours a day and runs flawlessly. come see for yourself at [xXx]slaughterhouse 66tic!

we also sell premium game servers equal to that at gamedeamons, but not nearly as pricy at
we run fpsboost free of charge and will up your priority in the cpu to whatever is necessary to run your source game perfectly.
we sell premium 33,66,& 100 tic servers.

test servers at [xXx]slaughterhouse [xXx] custom maps [xXx]infexXxious CAL match

feel free to aim me with any questions concerning game servers or forums questions

aim = xXxcon35

Could you explain the batch file process more clearly plz, I am not sure what you mean...
Yes, more explaination would be helpful. Also, I'm pretty new here but I'd bet this forum has rules against selling your services on this forum. I know I wouldn't allow people to come on here and pimp thier stuff out. Toungue

Actually.. i guess it could have been posted here


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