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How do you host multiple servers on different computers?
Ok so I am hosting my main server obsidian conflict on a lan ip of, then inside that I run a VM of garrysmod. Reason is, garrysmod has some conflicts with other mods on my server and a lot of the npc animation doesn't work, and other anomalies. VMs are fast and secure, and will also stop any garbage lua viruses. Thing is, how do you even do this? I have all the ports forwarded on my router for, but they would overlap with the VM which would have an ip of say
I also have the option of running the virtual machine in a emulated subnet, and it would have an ip of

Is this even possible to host a server on another computer? I mean I know how to do it on the same computer, just change the port to like 27016, but there are multiple ports for srcds.
I believe you just change the port for each server.
Compile garrysmod in a different folder with its own srcds.exe using different files, you shouldn't run into problem there (remember to use different IPs or ports).
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Use the -port parameter.

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