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Cant see server in internet tab.
I can connect to my server via the external ip and so can my friends, but I cannot see the server in the internet tab and nether can my friends I am wondering if im forgetting something.
You mean you can't see it in the masterlist?
Yes. And nether can my friends.
I have made a thread on for exactly the same problem, as far as I see. I am totally blank, I have tried EVERYTHING. No success.

But try to do some of the stuff and maybe you'll be lucky!

Ive noticed that if I DMZ to it my friends say that they can see it but I still cant.
You will never be able to see it on the internet tab if you are on a local network. You will see it under your local network games.
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You can't see it in the list from the same network.
Don't DMZ your computer. It poses a huge security risk on your network.
We had a discussion about this a while ago, a seemingly temporary solution is posted on the forum. Link:
[Image: ad300x250%20copy.jpg]

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