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[Solved] dedicated server not responding
k so i had the same problem as most of you are having and i got it fixed
there is one port that can mess up everything(which it did to me) and that port needs to be forwaded correctly with the other ports for the server to work
the port is 27016 "both"
my server was not responding until i forwaded that port so test it out and please put some comments
I am just seeing if it would work and one more thing if you are not sure that your port is forwaded right please go to and download the port checker and check before running(i checked every port to make sure it does work)

hint the server will not show on your master list but it will show on the lan and if your friends want to connect you have to give them your external ip or tell them to search for it on the master list. they can not join your game if you are using lan.
but no problem it should still show up on the master list on everyone else's

Please tell me what you think
Anyone tried it?

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