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[RESOLVED] [GMod] Quits on join
RESOLVED: Solution below, click here to skip down.

I've got two questions here, but first, my setup.

OS: Windows XP SP3
Processor: Pentium 4 HT 2.8 GHz
Game: Garry's Mod 10
Command: c:\srcds\orangebox\srcds.exe -game garrysmod
(Using the GUI)
Mods: None installed yet.

[Image: 519072737.png]
Router: Non-typical home network, see below.
Local IP:
External IP:
Port Forwarding:
  • 27000 to 27015 UDP
  • 27020 to 27050 TCP
  • 1200 UDP (which probably doesn't need to be forwarded there. This is the Steam Friends service, right?)
Home network is as follows:
[Image: networkcolored.png]
If you're not familiar with a Smoothwall, its a stand alone Linux based firewall. They refer to different networks by color, RED is WAN/Internet, GREEN is LAN, and ORANGE is DMZ. Srcds is running on the Windows box spec'd above on the DMZ.

Issue #1:
The server is installed just fine and I got it running without any major problems. You can start it up and it appears to be running smoothly (via the srcds GUI). Then from the LAN (GREEN) side of the network, I start Gmod and look for it in the server list. It is there, reporting the correct map, player limit, name, etc. Double click to join (this is going out and back in through the DMZ, not hoping from GREEN to ORANGE), enter password (matches the one in server.cfg sv_password, triple checked this). Then the game join/load screen flashed up for a frame or two and then it quits back to the server list, no message, no popup, nothing.

I thought it might be me coming from the same IP or something silly so I had a friend try it from his computer and the same thing happened for him.

I'm thinking this might be a server config issue, but i'm not sure. I wanted to see what you srcds gurus thought. Have you guys ever seen a problem like this related to srcds?

Any thoughts, oh wise ones? Help is much appreciated. Smile
Edit/bump: So upon further inspection, the traffic on port 41716 is unrelated to hosting the dedicated server. I'm still stumped about the insta-quit though.
GarrysMod 11?
Erm... Yeah. I meant Garrys Mod 10. Please excuse the brainfart.
Well this problems it not common for VALVe's games. However I have seen another thread about this problem lately.
Well I got it fixed. Turns out an Orangebox Source engine update changed the way Steam IDs are handled or something.

The Golden Thread:
which links to the goods:

Basically you need engine.dll and steam_api.dll from "Source 2007 Binaries.gcf" in a Steam client's steamapps folder. The two files are found in the bin folder in the gcf (Use GCFScape to extract them). Then replace those two files in srcds\orangebox\bin with the two you extracted and you're good to go.

Three cheers for VALVe....

Thanks for your help realchamp. Big Grin

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