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Friends can't connect through me
Hello, I've searched through the forums and couldn't find this problem, and on the internet i found an unresolved thread, but if this is somewhere else, i don't mean to spam.

So, I'm behind a router, but the DMZ host is pointed at my server, and i have a DNS so people can publically join my server. Everything works great except the fact that people on my friends list can't connect through me. I have the host file in my system32/drivers/etc folder point to the DNS ip so i can add the DNS ip to my favorites, but when I view the game, it shows the ip as the LAN one. I can never connect through my server publically, only locally. It's just frustrating when I tell people to join and they cant join through me Toungue. I was wondering if anybody knows a way around this, server or client side? Thanks.
No, you cant make your external ip show up as the server your connected to as the game resolves it to your lan ip if available.
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