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Need help with TF2 porforward [REMOVED FROM TUTORIALS]
I have looked through this forum over and over again and done everything that it said and my server is still a lan game. i want it to be an internet game. i have forwarded the needed ports. i have checked the config over and over again and it just not working for me. Could someone please help.
Hello, I have splitted your post.

[Image: srcds-read-me.jpg]
It will always be a LAN GAME for you, to everyone else it will be an online game
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pengy Wrote:It will always be a LAN GAME for you, to everyone else it will be an online game

ive asked my friends to look for it and they dont even see it in any tab. internet or lan. and they cant connect through the friends list. here is my command line.
c:\HLserver\orangebox\srcds.exe -console -game tf -hostport 48012 +maxplayers 14 +map cp_ignorance_orange_v3
and i have that port set up on my router.
connect externalip:48012 in their consoles
[Image: b_350x20_C002748-004880-FFFFFF-000000.png]
do i type that in the command prompt window?
No. In your Team Fortress 2 ingame console, you shouldn't, but your friends should!
k. ty. y won't it show in the internet games though.
Well I have a theory about why not.

My servers doesn't show up either. Since I am on an old internet connection(cobber cables).

If you were on fiber cables, it works. Some of my friends had this experience.

Others just say you should leave the server online for like 25minutes. And then search agian to see it in masterlist, as it needs to update.
k. Thanks. How do i get my external ip.
that link doesnt work for me.
Why doesn't it work for you?

Or try:
it dont load. o well. that link works. thnks.
is it supposed to show when i click veiw my games my computers ip as the games ip.

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