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Adding a lot of bots

is there any way a friend and I could fight more than 20 bots (i.e., 2 humans vs 30+ bots)? I have a linux dedicated server if that makes a difference.

Thanks for any help you might have
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Yes, you can. If you already have the server installed go inside your server.cfg or into rcon and type this:

rcon mp_limitteams 0
rcon mp_autoteambalance 0
rcon bot_add_t
go on ct, vice versa.
Wow, password really is password
You should have proxied it, cuz now they have your ip and can ban you for stealing someone elses acct... but then again... its the owners fault.
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............................that's not the "hackers" fault, simply stupidity of the creator. But it's still wrong done of the "hacker".

As case is solved(I think?) and I hate wars, I will lock now.

"passwordispassword", pm me if you want the thread unlocked.

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