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Running Source without PuTTy on?
Ive been using the PuTTy SSH Program alot..and i hate having it open too and running my computer when the server is up..ive read that the screen makes it go into the background,but does that mean i can close the PuTTy Connection after,and it will still be running?

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Ok,thnx. but how wud i go about downloading and installthing this "screen" ??
Which distro are you using? Screen maybe already installed, in which case you can just follow the instructions here;


Just to clarify; you will be installing screen on your Linux server. You would log in as normal with putty, then activate your screen session. You can then exit from the screen session, *and* exit Putty and the srcds server will be still running. You can keep logging back in and activating your screen session and closing it as many times as you like, so yes this will be very helpful for you to do :-)

Thats a script to run the server with out putty.
I posted on how to set it up.

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