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People can no longer join my server (TF2)

Everything was working correctly this morning, but now nobody can join my server. I didn't even do anything to change the ports or whatever.
Have you had your PC restarted?
If you are in a DHCP pool and are set to receive from that pool, then your local IP might have changed and caused NAT to forward packets to the wrong destination.
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1)My PC didn't restart
2)My IP is static

A friend made a php script to tell if it is up, and it says its up, but I cant get people to join it.
Make sure the game server is actually running.
Make sure the game server is running on the right port.
Make sure your local IP didn't change.
Make sure your external IP didn't change.
Double check your port forwarding.
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now people can see my server, but it doesnt bring up the password prompt

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