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is there a way to make it so u only download certin files on a specific map?
I swear lethal, EVERY SINGLE THREAD YOU MAKE IS A ONE SENTENCE QUESTION. You don't even explain, like what maps you want, what materials you want to remove, what ADDONS you have, and such. You can't do this with mani admin, you can maybe to it with soucemod...
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wait is there a command that i could use to make in a eventscript to do that so i could just load and unload it (and ill work on explaining more sorry)
event es_map_start
downloadable sound/sdeathrun/joinserver.mp3
downloadable sound/sdeathrun/death.wav
its that it?
please use the edit button. yes except you need to add an if to check if its the correct map.
~ trewq
PHP Code:
if(es_map_start == de_dust2) do {
downloadable sound/sdeathrun/joinserver.mp3
     downloadable sound

Try that

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