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[Resolved]Sound error
I Recently setup a CSS OFFICE Server and for whatever reason when glasses break they all sound as their coming from the same spot, I'm completely clueless as of why this is occurring.

What I have installed:
Metamod- I load Detox Bans and Mani from this

mani_reverse_admin_flags 0
mani_reverse_immunity_flags 0
mattie_eventscripts 1
eventscripts_maphandler 0
es_load block_crash
es_load anti-cheat
es_load nocheat
es_load detocs
es_load rcon_lock
es_load 16k
es_load knifep3n
es_load nade_sounds
es_load xe_restrict

Only thing I have found is when Meta Mod isn't loaded this problem fixes itself but I NEED Metamod installed Any suggestions or fixes guys?
Isn't it your sound?
If it was my sound it wouldn't affect the entire server there's multiple people who hear the glass like this
Ahh okay I see, try disable all your plugins.
realchamp Wrote:Ahh okay I see, try disable all your plugins.

I've tried this but the only thing that makes it not sound like this is MetaMod but I need meta mod for certain mods including Mani
Shouldn't be MetaMod: Source. I use that and the sounds are just fine.
#7 <- I setup an Identical server maybe one of you can hop in, If you go into front office and shoot the glass it sounds like its coming from different directions then it is
isn't that just a bug in map?
in cs_office? not that I know of since when I uninstall meta-mod it works fine
Waiting 5+ minutes for the "fast, i mean SLOWdownload" to go.
Each quake mp3 file takes 40+ seconds
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Oh im sorry =( My webhost is down due to hardware issues

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