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Skin help?
How can I get my mani skins to automatically go on admins or reserved terorrists or reserved counter terrorists? :\

Doesn't mani have a menu that pops up and you can choose your skin? For who ever has a steam id in the RESERVED skin things?
The menu there is not possible to move, imo.

I just want admins or reserved skins to be able to be picked by whoever has the steamid in the .txt =]
Isn't it that as standard?
I need help then :x
IMO I hate servers that have skins in them, because even with fastdl, I sit there for 2 minutes downloading GAY ass skins.

Edit your mani_server.cfg to autopopup the skins menu on join.
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lol dont worry pengy, im only settings a few skins, just for the donaters, to show pride =]

i h8 servers with lots of skins too dont worry lol ^_^
Even with 1 skin, you still have to download 4 files.
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And they are a waste of HDD place Wink
There is an option in mani under the fun commands where they can set skins, but I don't believe its automatic.

You can add them to admin with the privileges for the admin menu, and setting skin option I believe.
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That's the only way?
Are you guys sure?
Are there any sourcemod
or metamod plugins that adds
it automically? Or any skin plugins for sourcemod or metamod, because if this doesn't have anymore options to the skin management, then I'll trash mani out completely.

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