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Left 4 Dead Update Released (7-21-09)
Jason Wrote:An optional update for Left 4 Dead is now available. Please run hldsupdatetool to receive it. The specific changes include:

- Lobbies and games you've recently joined and left will be ignored for two minutes. This will prevent a player from ending up in the same lobby or game when quickly searching for another.
- Restored Find a Game Lobby/Find a Game in Progress to the Create Lobby screen available from the Lobby Browser.
- Updated localization text.
- Fixed an issue where VPK.EXE would not extract all files.

~ trewq
Hmmm, wheres mooga, also some weird = popped up, might just be me
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mooga is busy I think :p
I'm here... Editing it now.

Also changed the date... I always use CST. However I'm currently on the coast for the summer so late night update might be slightly off Wink
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