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Server list finding server
I have set my server up and all its all correct because people joined it before. But i can never see the server on the list but i have it in favourites. Also i got my friend who knows alot about srcds to try find it he can find it but when someone is in the server no one can seem to find t. What could be the problem?
Steam servers sometimes don't display all the servers, and may take awhile to process to show up. Steam has some weird systems that run before your server is displayed.
But like people wont be able to join it if they cant see it. So i am confused.
First things first. Are you sure that your server is setup correctly? Can other people that are NOT on your network join your game via console (~) by typing in "connect"? If they can not, that means there is a problem with your servers configuration.

If they CAN connect, then this is obviously not the problem.

Another possible problem is a firewall. If you are behind a router you will have to make sure that you forward the correct ports. Try disabling Windows Firewall to see if that does anything as well.

Another possible issue would be the port number you assigned. It is possible that there are servers out there that have the same IP as you, try changing your port (i.e. instead of 27015 try something else, like 27030).

Also, make sure your region is correctly set with sv_region in the server.cfg file.

A good way to see if there is another server up with the same IP or to see if your server is listed is using Gametiger address look up:

And here is what steam has to say about your problem:

Good luck!
I don't see how it's possible that some other servers have the same IP.

Try setting the sv_region. Then make sure that you wait until the list has completely refreshed and then try to find your server. Steam sends you first the servers that are near your IP. If you've got server on another host, then your server might have very different IP and that's why it takes long for you to see it.

If you're hosting home server, then read bunch of tutorials how to set up router port forwarding. You'll find zillion million tutorials. Follow any of them and ask your friend to help you because your friend can check whether he sees the server correct. It's very difficult to test it "inside" the LAN/router.
It is possible, just very unlikely. And can I have a link to where you got the information about the server list being IP's that are close to yours??

I'd like some more information on it is all.

The order of servers from the master server has been talked here before. You can find some information at

valvewiki Wrote:The first IP : Port you should send is ""
From then on, IP : Port becomes the last IP : Port received in the master servers reply. This allows steam to then grab another list of more servers.
Terminate this with 0x00
It's almost said here. The first time you get list of IPs, the IPs are near your IP. Then when you request (the game requests) next bunch of serves, the last IP of the first bunch is sent in the query. This way everybody gets good low-ping servers fast.

You can try it with your friend too. Ask your friend with different IP to refresh game server list. Then stop the server list refresh immediately and look at the IPs. They are near his IP. Then you do the same and you can see that also you get IPs near your own IP.

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